H2 Mathematics

Mr Lau is a dedicated and committed teacher who has more than 10 years of teaching experience from both private and group tuition. His passion for both engineering and mathematics has more than often grant him the ability to exercise applied learning within the class room. He is able to interest his students with how mathematics can be applied to solve real-life engineering problems.

An alumnus of Hwa Chong Institution, he holds a First Class Honours in Aerospace Engineering and is currently pending for his Master in Electrical Electronic Engineering. A former top student of Mr Aven Choo, they share the same vision in the appreciation of the magical world of numbers and often amuse students with quirky mathematical ideas and applications which make learning mathematics a fun and fulfilling journey. Mr Lau is currently a full time lecturer in renowned tertiary institute.

Mr Lau believes that we are in an era which calls for a new age of learning. Concepts, strategies and skill sets remain the same. What is different is the tutor’s ability to fuse the different elements together, incorporate design thinking and inspire students with industrial relevance. In this new DATA – economy, we can no longer put students through a standard education system and stamp them with the standard textbook knowledge. What we are looking at is customization, adaptability and versatility. Students can no longer be treated as machines; they have to be seen as individuals – individuals that await inspiration and the dream spark. Learning can no longer take place in a plain T2S (teacher to student) environment; Learning will take place in a S2D (student to dream) environment – the dream will drive their learning. At the end of the day, teachers will need to serve as key to inspire and unlock this dream.


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