Experienced and Dedicated Teachers

Our classes are conducted by the respective teachers in charge, with many years of teaching experience in schools as well as tuition centres.

Mr Aven Choo

Secondary Mathematics/IP/IB

Mr Choo is the founder of The Knowledge Key tuition centre. He has taught in several secondary schools and has close to 20 years of private and group teaching experiences. Mr Choo is also an accomplished author of several Additional Mathematics guide books published by Hodder and EPH and are widely used in many secondary schools. Mr…

Mr Jeck Chih

Secondary/IP/IB and Primary English

Mr Jeck has taught in several secondary schools and was involved in many schools’ IDPW and Fastrack projects. An art lover, Mr Jeck has also worked with several schools on projects with the National Arts Council and Singapore Symphony Orchestra, integrating the learning of languages with the art and music. Many liken him to the Renaissance man… 

Ms Kim Hu

Primary Mathematics/Science

Ms Kim has 16 years of private and group tuition experiences. Dedicated and caring, Ms Kim always motivates the students to strive for excellence, and has a proven track record of obtaining great results for the students – usually a 2 grades jump. Specialising in teaching primary Mathematics and Science, Ms Kim highly effective, systematic…