Primary Mathematics/Science

Ms Kim has 16 years of private and group tuition experiences. Dedicated and caring, Ms Kim always motivates the students to strive for excellence, and has a proven track record of obtaining great results for the students – usually a jump of 2 grades.

Specialising in teaching primary Mathematics and Science, Ms Kim highly effective, systematic and structured techniques in teaching, has helped to develop problem solving and critical thinking skills, thus making any challenging questions a breeze. Ms Kim’s adherences to MOE syllabus and exam smart coaching have proven to be very effective in producing excellent PSLE results.
Ms Kim also conducts a mathematics workshop weekly, known as the Power Maths, that primarily focuses on those questions that are often heuristics and unique in nature, which are typical in PSLE. Her DEEP method, has helped many students conquering the fear of maths and have shown significant results in school exams as well as in PSLE.
  • Develop analytical thinking
  • Enhance critical thinking skills and confidence level
  • Examinations smart
  • Provide a simple yet systematic and structured technique to solve challenging questions

Over my years of teaching, I have come across many students who were not motivated and did not believe in themselves. As a dedicated tutor, I always motivate my students to strive for excellence and believe in themselves that nothing is impossible.

- Kim Hu


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