Secondary/IP/IB and Primary English

Mr Jeck has taught in several secondary schools and was involved in many schools’ IDPW and Fastrack projects. An art lover, Mr Jeck has also worked with several schools on projects with the National Arts Council and Singapore Symphony Orchestra, integrating the learning of languages with the art and music. Many liken him to the Renaissance man because of his diverse interests but he humbly believes that he can only strive to be one. For more than 15 years, one thing that Mr Jeck holds on unwaveringly is the belief that every student can improve and is always prepared to go the extra miles for his students.

English is easy if students adhere to Mr Jeck’s systematic approach to achieving distinction in the language. Most students hate his lessons during the initial years because he does not make things easy during the foundational years for the weaker and indolent students. Spelling, grammar practices and current affairs discussions are weekly affairs. The very stuff that the students detest become habitual and eventually many of them actually find something amiss when the weekly doses of vocabulary, grammar and “story telling” are temporary suspended in lieu of mock examinations.

The Knowledge Key Tuition centre becomes a centre for the dissemination of interesting current affairs and general knowledge for many lower secondary students that have yet to develop the habit of reading news and articles daily. Mr Jeck takes pride in broadening the perspectives of his students which is crucial in handling expository writing. His practical and simplistic approach to brainstorming has become the building blocks for many students who are clueless in forming their own views and ideas when tackling discursive and argumentative essays.

He believes that to score well in English is no different from other subjects, the students need to have a strong foundation and be exposed to different variations and genres of questions. The other areas where he trains the students include how to select the best question in essay writing (depending on individual student’s competencies, strengths and weaknesses), time and stress management. It is imperative that students must be able to perform under pressure as eventually, it is how well the students can present their abilities to the examiners that counts rather than how much they know.

Doing well in English is not as easy as 123 but it can be as simple as ABC. Attitude is everything! Be brimming with brio when learning. Confront your challenges by being conscientious and committed. I believe anyone and everyone can possess these ABC and has the potential to ace in the English examinations. The student that scores distinction in the English examinations need not be perfect in every aspects of the language but need to be excellent in showcasing what he or she knows to the examiners. Learn to present strengths rather than exposing weaknesses and be guided to perform under pressures.

- Jeck Chih


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