Ms Kit Gan

O Levels Physics

Ms Kit has taught Physics (Pure and Combined Science) in schools and has 13 years of teaching experience. She possesses a Masters in Counselling and has made used of the skills learnt in her daily interactions with her students. Conceptual understanding, application of formulas, highlighting links in different topics as well as practical answering techniques in the examinations are what she offers to the students.

Scaffolding, illustrating the cognitive process, making connections between concepts, organising information to answer questions and highlight/contrast types of questions are some of the methods which Ms Kit uses to help her students to kick start their own revision and learning of Physics at home. Her strength is her patience as she believes all students can learn and she will utilise videos, illustrations and analogies to help them understand Physics concepts. With all these tools, Ms Kit has guided students through exams and achieved significant improvement in their results.

Using both her own teaching and learning experiences, she aims to help her students improve in their Physics grades. Ms Kit advocates a growth mindset and provides a positive learning environment. Her ultimate goal is to help students gain independence and confidence in their learning of Physics.